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What is Create:Omaha?

We amplify experiences for people invested in creating a better future for Omaha. You'll find us hosting & supporting events, developing useful content, bringing creators together, and activating collaborative projects.

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Benson Launch Event

In May of 2023, a group of more than 80 Omaha Changemakers signed up to gather and generate ideas for moving Omaha forward. It marked the beginning of a different kind of dialogue that is inclusive, expansive, and focused on shared values.

Big Ideas

More than 500 unique and actionable ideas generated on topics from inclusivity, tech, housing, culture & more!

Creative District

In the heart of the Benson Creative District, the Benson Theatre provided the perfect venue for collaboration

Changemaker led

Shonna Dorsey (Nebraska Tech Collaborative) & Alex O'Hanlon (One Omaha) provided inspiration as speakers

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